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GoLinuxCloud is one-man project known for its high quality contents on multiple technologies like Linux, DevOps, Programming, Cloud, Virtualization and many more..


Brief Intro

This website was officially launched on Sep, 2018 but just to give you a background on my past experience, I created my first website in 2010 which was just as a hobby, the next website I created was in the year 2014 and later I have officially designed and optimized multiple websites for different clients across the globes based on their requirement.

It is more than 10 years since I have been working on these areas but now I am fully dedicated to GoLinuxCloud as it is very hard to take up other freelance projects along with my 9-5 office shift.

I believe in sharing my professional experiences with the people to the best of my ability so that we can all grow our Knowledge to meet the Organizational needs and demands. My relentless hard work is solely pointed towards providing the information and learning about the cutting edge technologies on daily basis.


Official Stats

GoLinuxCloud is just over 2 years old and following are some of the official stats related to the website:

  • Monthly viewership of around 200K users with around 350K page views (majority of users from US)
  • Domain Authority is 39
  • Subscriber list of 10,000+ users which includes developers, programmers, architects, system administrators, system engineers, students and professionals from different field in IT
  • 8000+ followers on our Facebook page

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I also spend good amount of time in optimizing and designing the website myself to make it world class, you can check for yourself our Google Page speed Insights score:

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Following is a screenshot of Pingdom test result:

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Following is the test result from webpagetest.org

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Conditions for Sponsored Post

By definition, a sponsored post is one that includes a link to a website that offers a commercial product. The views expressed in a sponsored post are solely the author’s and do not necessarily represent GoLinuxCloud.

To maintain the quality of the posts and reputation of the website, we do have certain guidelines for any post which we accept:

  • The provided sponsored post must be original and there should be no copyright or duplicate content copied from another website. If at any point we find that the content provided is copyrighted or illegal in any manner, we hold the right to bring down the respective article(s) from our website without any prior notification.
  • The content of the provided article must be relevant to the website's niche
  • There should be no spam or adult related content in the provided sponsored article
  • The backlink must be redirected to a legitimate third party client and it should not be some spam or adult related website.
  • Each post must have a minimum of 1200 words.
  • A sponsored post must include at least three high-resolution image (or up to one video file) relevant with your topic. You must have the right to use these images or video, or they must be released under a Creative Commons license.
  • We hold the right to review the provided article and make any grammatical, spelling or formatting related changes. Although these changes (if any) will be sent for review  to the author and after a mutual agreement the article will be published.



All the third party guest articles will be thoroughly reviewed and unless the provided content matches my website's niche and quality, it will not be accepted. Once I review the provided content then we may re-work on the accepted cost per article.

You can share the article in Microsoft Word document format for review to admin@golinuxcloud.com. I will try my best to get the article published within 24 hours, after the review is completed but in some very rare unforeseen scenarios this may be delayed.


For any further queries please reach out to me at admin@golinuxcloud.com