Ansible Tutorial for Beginners [RHCE EX294 Exam]

Ansible Tutorial

This tutorial covers all of the topics you need to know about to become an Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) on RHEL 8 and higher. As you may have heard, Red Hat applied a major switch to the RHCE program with the introduction of RHEL 8. Instead of covering advanced Linux topics, which was done in the previous versions, RHCE 8 is all about data center automation with Ansible. With the set of topics provided in this tutorial you can plan for RHCE EX294 Exam for Red Hat Ansible Automation.

We will start from scratch by first of all setting up your own Lab Environment as believe me, it is not the same without hands on. You can find the list of topics which we will cover through out this tutorial so Happy Learning.

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Deepak Prasad

Deepak Prasad

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