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Author: Omer Cakmak
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Although cURL is known as an HTTP client, it actually supports FTP, LDAP, SMTP, etc. supports. It is used as a client for many protocols. For example, curl is used to transfer data between two servers using these protocols.

You can sometimes see CURL in a script or sometimes in an application's installation guide. The most used feature of cURL is undoubtedly checking if a URL is accessible. So you never had access to curl? So did you get the "bash: curl: command not found" error?

Let us help you with the causes of this error.


Possible reasons of "bash: curl: command not found" error

Let's talk about possible causes and solutions for this error.


1. cURL package may not be installed

Pull a website with file use of cURL. If cURL is not installed on the system, you will get the following error:

foc@ubuntu22:~$ curl
Command 'curl' not found, but can be installed with:
sudo snap install curl  # version 7.84.0, or
sudo apt  install curl  # version 7.81.0-1ubuntu1.4
See 'snap info curl' for additional versions.

We made this example on Ubuntu. Ubuntu informed us that it is not installed on the system and shared the steps to install it. Let's share the installation steps for Ubuntu and some other distributions.

Install the curl package on Debian-based operating systems (Ubuntu, Pardus, Linux Mint, Kali Linux, etc.):

sudo apt install curl -y


sudo apt-get install curl -y

On Ubuntu, you can also install the curl package from the snap store:

sudo snap install curl

Install on Redhat based operating systems (Fedora, Centos, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, etc):

sudo dnf -y curl install


sudo yum -y install curl

Install on Arch Linux:

sudo pacman -S curl

Upload to openSUSE Leap:

sudo install zypper curl


2. PATH environment variable may be incorrect

The PATH variable may have been configured incorrectly or incompletely by the user. In this case, you will encounter this error even if cURL is installed on the system.

The cURL command is called from /bin/curl on the system. If there is no /bin in the user PATH variable, many commands, including cURL, will not work.

For example, if your PATH variable is:

foc@ubuntu22:~$ echo $PATH

When you try to run it with cURL you will get this error:

foc@ubuntu22:~$ curl
Command 'curl' is available in the following places
* /bin/curl
* /usr/bin/curl
The command could not be located because '/usr/bin:/bin' is not included in the PATH environment variable.
curl: command not found

You can see where the cURL package on your system was called with the which command:

foc@ubuntu22:~$ which curl

Let's also add the PATH information to call cURL and similar applications:

foc@ubuntu22:~$ export PATH=$PATH:/bin

You won't be getting this error in your work with cURL anymore.

Although this is a temporary change, you can make it permanent by placing this command in respective user's home directory inside ~/.bash_profile.



We tried to provide information about what to do for "bash: curl: command not found" error for cURL. If the problem is fixed, you can check out 15+ curl command examples in Linux [Cheat Sheet] that will help you with what you can do with cURL.

You can also get more local help about curl with the following commands:

foc@ubuntu22:~$ curl --help


foc@ubuntu22:~$ man curl


References - Linux: Curl installed but -bash: :curl: command not found


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