Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]

Written by - Mark Arvin Tychingco
Reviewed by - Deepak Prasad

Setting Up Birthday Bot on Discord

Discord is the best way to stay connected with your friends and the gaming community. With Discord, you can easily find and join servers for your favorite games, chat with friends, and more. But for many people, Discord is where they find online friends that becomes an important part of their lives. These friends provide support, laughter, and companionship, and are often there for us in ways that our offline friends may not be. Because of the special role that online friends play in our lives, it's important to keep in touch with them and to celebrate their birthdays. That is why I think that Birthday bot is a useful tool that will remind you the special day for your online friends.

Discord's Birthday bot maintains tabs on your users' birthdays. Using time zones and messages from their customizable birthday role, it reminds everyone of every user's birthdays under this. On a larger server, access can be restricted to users with the required roles thanks to Birthday Bot's innovative trusted role concept. The Birthday bot can also be used to celebrate member and server founding anniversaries.

In this article, we will guide you on how to set up Birthday bot on your own Discord servers.


Step 1. Visit Birthday Bot's Page

Look for the official Birthday Bot on Google

birthday bot

Make sure that you are visiting the right web page. Be careful because there are multiple bots using the same name that might contain scripts or viruses that may affect your Discord server


Step 2. Invite the Bot to your server

Then you'll have to click "Invite" for the Bot to be integrated in your server.

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Step 3. Add the Bot to your desired Server

Below the "Add to Server" you have to choose on which Discord server that you're managing you want the Birthday bot to be. In this case, I'm choosing Chronos Guild. Then click "Continue".

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Step 4. Authorize and Give Permission to the Bot

You will then be redirected to this screen which ask for permission for the following:

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step].

You can change these permissions later on. We can now proceed to authorize the bot. Scroll down and you can see the "Authorize" button.

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Before proceeding to the Discord app or web browser, you have to finish this Captcha challenge first and prove that you're not a robot. Just put a check on a box and complete the captcha.

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]

Congratulations, you have added Birthday Bot to your Discord server! Now we have to customize and try to add birthdays to see if it works!


Customizing the Birthday Bot

1.1 Setting birthday

I will be trying to set my birthday which is September 24. I will be using the command /set.

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]


After entering, you will be prompted with this, asking for your time zone:

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]


This is because you haven't set your Time Zone yet. For doing this you can either click "Enter Response". You will then be asked to input your time zone. My time zone is Asia/Taipei so I'm putting it and then click "Submit".

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]


You don't know what's your Time Zone? Don't worry, Birthday Bot will guide you. You can click on "map time zone picker" and it will redirect you to a web page where you can easily see your time zone!

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Upon submitting your time zone, you will then be asked to enter your birthday with this format MM/DD. Click on "Enter Response".

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]


You will then be asked your birthday, mine is September 24, so I'll be putting 09/24. Then click "Submit"

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]


After this, you will be asked to confirm if your information is correct. Click on "Yes" for it to be saved and "No" if you want to start over or cancel the operation.

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]


If you selected Yes, then congratulations, your birthday has been saved in database. You will be notified like this:

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Birthdays are stored globally. This means your birthday is now set for all servers with Birthday Bot! Meaning that in any server that has Birthday bot, your birthday has now been remembered by using this bot.


1.2 Viewing the List of Birthdays

You can see everyone's birthday as long as they are in your server. To do that, we need to use the command /list.

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]

You will then be given the list of the birthdays that are enrolled in the server.

Set Up Birthday Bot on Discord [Step-by-Step]


And that is how you set up the Birthday Bot on Discord. 


1.3 Other commands

Here are some other helpful commands for the Birthday Bot:

  • /premium - See information about Birthday Bot Premium.
  • /subscribe - Subscribe to Birthday Bot Premium!
  • /help premium - Help for Birthday Bot Premium.
  • /set [date] [timeZone] [user] - Set your birthday.
  • /view [type] [user] - View your information or a user's information.
  • /next [type]** - View next birthday(s) in the server.
  • /list [type] [page]** - View the server birthday list.
  • /map - View the time zone map.
  • /vote - Vote for Birthday Bot!
  • /link - View import links like faq, support, docs, etc.
  • /purge - Remove your birthday data.
  • /help [type] - Help for specific systems.
  • /premium - See information about Birthday Bot Premium.
  • /settings [type]** - View server's settings.
  • /test <type> [user] [anniversary year]** - Test the birthday event.
  • /donate - Support developments by donating!

For more information, you can read more on their documentation.

You can also vote for Birthday bot



Birthday Bot is a helpful tool for Discord server, specially if you have close friends either online or offline. It is a great way to stay connected with your friends and make sure you never forget a birthday. It's also a fun way to add a little bit of personality to your Discord server. This bot is highly suggested for large communities that has a lot of members. Imagine having birthday parties everyday? How cool is that?


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