The Truth About Blockchain Operating System

Written by - Deepak Prasad

What is a Blockchain Operating System?

We are all familiar with an operating system that we use on our smartphones, tablets, and computers, such as Windows, Apple OS X or iOS, Linux, or Android. But what is the blockchain operating system? Let's dive into it.
A blockchain operating system is a layer beneath the software that uses blockchain as a support system that runs on the system or platform. Blockchain, in and of itself, is essentially a global supercomputer. Even a quantum computer is not able to breach the blockchain, which is more powerful than a supercomputer. All the necessary commands and transactions made from the user device are captured, authenticated, executed, and recorded on the blockchain.
The Blockchain operating system has a better user experience and has facilitated easier development. This newly developed technology enables users to begin engaging with blockchain-based services on their mobile phones while maintaining greater security and privacy. The whole system is managed with a GUI, much like any other operating system running on a smartphone or computer. It aids in the management of the various blockchain-powered apps by performing cross-compatibility checks.


What are the types of Blockchain Operating System?

The types of blockchain operating systems are briefly described below.


The Overledger Operating System

The Overledger operating system is a blockchain operating system that is cloud-based DLT operating system that lets you connect DLTs and API-based systems. It was created by Quant Networks and is the only platform that allows coordinated transactions and businesses. Most of the popular blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Corda, etc., use this platform as an enterprise operating system.

The features of the Overledger operating system include

  • It has secure bridging permission to permissionless DLTs.
  • It has a multichain and an interoperable meta identity.
  • It consists of zero-knowledge proof, which protects data on public networks.
  • It is fast and easy to support the multi-DLT application.


Entrepreneurial Operating System

The entrepreneurial operating system is a blockchain operating system that is simple and multi-purpose platform for the development of decentralized applications. It was first introduced in 2017 for the purpose of increasing the productivity of a distributed database of technology-intensive businesses.
It allows the user to develop decentralized applications smoothly and profitably. The user can also create a database on the networks with low fees, less risk, and maximum profit.
The features of the entrepreneurial operating system include

  • It is highly efficient because it has thousands of transactions operating per second.
  • It enables users to configure their own applications more quickly than any other operating system.
  • It increases productivity through the scalability of distributed databases.


ConsenSys Codefi

It is a blockchain application suite that powers the evolution of financial and commercial businesses. The vision of the ConsenSys Codefi is to lead decentralized financial technologies to create more accessibility for everyone and everywhere.

ConsenSys Codefi collaborates with financial institutions and Ethereum projects to digitize assets and financial instruments before deploying production-ready blockchain solutions.

The features of ConsenSys Codefi include the following:

  • It helps developers, businesses, and users worldwide to build the next generation of applications for monitoring the financial infrastructure.
  • It aims to operate growing digital businesses.
  • It provides financial access and authority over data to the users.
  • It allows the user to create and manage digital assets more securely and smoothly.
  • It helps businesses modify and run their business operations digitally.


Liberty Operating System

The Liberty operating system, one of the blockchain operating system claims itself as the world's first operating system that is highly secure, focused on user privacy, stability, and accessibility. It combines a token model with a blockchain and a centric advertising platform, which transforms the user experience. The Liberty OS helps the user to get faster, smoother, more secure, and more capable of making cash through pre-screened, anonymous, and non-intrusive ads. It was built by highly skilled researchers and industry experts and provides the way forward for everyone who is interested in privacy and security on the open web.

The features of Liberty OS include the following:

  • It includes a powerful office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and many more.
  • It can be used as a gaming system for casual games and AAA titles.
  • It was designed with high security and privacy, so no annoying malware or viruses.
  • Liberty OS is totally ad-free, which gives users a smoother experience.
  • It supports many cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and many more.


The Future of the Blockchain Operating System

Our present operating system is centralized, from our finances to our data. It is also opaque, so when you order something apart from an upstream supplier, we don't necessarily know what we are getting. We also trust our data with institutions, so what happens is that our operating system becomes a repository. We are still rooted in business models of the past, so we have these silos of governments of companies and individuals where we are all separated by a very complex point-to-point integration.

The lack of abundance and the ability to unlock value and unlock new economies is where the blockchain comes in. It is a decentralized representation of the operating system of the future. It is a totally new way of evolution in operating systems. The blockchain has its own merits and demerits, and therefore, it's not going to rule them all. Developers don't have to depend upon using one blockchain for all their requirements, so they use the best blockchain that is able to make their tasks easy and combine the best features for multiple blockchain OS. We are moving to a decentralized landscape, and that unlocks and enables transparency as a proactive and self-enforcing system.



In the coming days, we will be able to use a more advanced blockchain operating system with a more secure and smoother experience.

This new technology creates footprints in all domains, which raises the demand for blockchain developers. This is the right time to invest in businesses in the blockchain domain because the technologies are changing rapidly. The benefits of the blockchain OS are that it captures the apps, ISPs, as well as the OS manufacturers' companies that offer security and privacy to all their users.


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