How to check Active Invite Links on Discord? [SOLVED]

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What is a Discord Invite Link?

Invite links are links to a discord server that contains a series of strings after the link. They are usually randomly generated when you get an invite link. This link can also be customized if the Discord server has reached a certain amount of Server Boosts.

You can make an invite link and send it to someone to add them to your Discord server. If you are friends with them on Discord, you may also message them directly and send an Instant Invite link. Just in case, if you might want to change the invite link so that it never expires, you can choose how long until anyone can use the link that you generated.

But sometimes, having lots of invite links confuses other members on which invite link to use or which are still active. In this article, we will show you on how to check and remove invite links.


The Benefits Of Using Invite Link on Discord

Invite links are unique links that you can use to send people directly to your Discord server. They're simple to create and use, and they have a number of benefits that make them worth using. For starters, invite links are a great way to get people onto your server fast – they bypass the general messaging system on Discord and go straight to the join page. This makes it easy for new members to find your server and join in immediately without having to search through messages or profiles first.

Invite links are also great for promoting your server online. You can use them as part of social media posts or other website content, which will help draw in more visitors from across the web. Plus, invite links make it easy for you keep track of who has joined your server – you can see which members have been active recently and mark them as followers or friends accordingly!

Most of the Discord servers, especially the new ones, are always having campaigns to make their Discord community larger and hosting an invite contest is one of them. By tracking the invites from the generated invite link of a user, they will know how many users that certain member invited.


How can I Check Active Invite Links on Discord Server?

The easiest answer to this question is go to your Server Settings and Look for "Invites". This will show you all the active invite links on the server and you have the option to either Pause Invites or Delete the Invite Link.

Pausing the invite will temporarily close your server. Meaning, noone can enter your server until you resume all the function of the invite links. Deleting the invite link will cause the invite link to automatically expire even though it still has uses or validity.

You need to have Moderator or Administrator permission before you can access these settings or view the active links on Discord

Here's a step by step guide on how to check active links on Discord Server.


Step 1. Open your Discord Application

Open your Discord application thru browser or on the Desktop application. Both offers the same way on how to check the active Invite Links on your Discord Server. Make sure that you've installed the latest version of the application.


Step 2. Go to a Server

Go to the server that you want to view the active invite links. You can do this by looking at the servers you're currently in. For this instance, I will be using our test server, GoLinuxCloud Test Server and we will be looking for the Audit Log of this server.

Make sure you have the specific role with the permission to access to Invite Links' list.

How to check Active Invite Links on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 3. Go to Server Settings

Click on the Server's name. You will see that a drop down menu will appear. These are the settings that you can change on your server or a server that you manage. Click on "Server Settings".

How to check Active Invite Links on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 4. Go to Invites

Once you entered the Server Settings, you will see the list of all the sub settings that you can change. Below User Management, you will see "Invites"

How to check Active Invite Links on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 5. Invite Links' List

You will now see all the active invite links along with the inviter or the one who generated the link, invite code, number of uses and validity or expiration days / hours.

How to check Active Invite Links on Discord? [SOLVED]


Additional Step: Pause Invites

On larger communities, you can also pause invites if you think that you need to stop people from the usage of your invite links, embeds, and vanity URLs without revoking them. The button will appear above the inviter column.

If you pause invites, all the invite link will stop from functioning and will appear to be invalid on the other user's end. Make sure that you notify your server if you're pausing your invites specifically if your members wants to invite someone in your server!

For more details, you can visit Discord's Pause Invite FAQs .

How to check Active Invite Links on Discord? [SOLVED]



Discord is an incredibly versatile platform that can be a great asset to any online community. With invite links, you can easily invite new members to join your server, but it is important to make sure that you are using the most up-to-date active invite links or delete the ones that are inactive or expired. If ever you need to see the invite links, its inviter, uses and expiration, or even if you need to pause invites to your Discord server, don't forget to check the invite links!


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