How to make Bold texts in Discord [SOLVED]

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How to bold in Discord?

Bold text is used to highlight key points in a document or presentation, or to make text stand out from the surrounding text. When used sparingly, bold text can help draw attention to important information and make complex documents easier to read. It is most commonly used in headings and titles, but it can also be used to highlight key sentences or phrases within a paragraph. When used in body text, bold text should be used sparingly, as too much bold text can be difficult to read. If you are using bold text to highlight key points in your sentences or documents, make sure that the text is still easy to read by using a larger font size or increasing the line spacing. You may also want to use a different color for the bold text to make it stand out even more.

Bold text is a great way to make your Discord messages stand out. Whether you’re trying to emphasize a point, or just want to add a bit of flair to your message, bolding your text is a great way to do it. Bolding your text is a great way to make your message more noticeable, and can help to add some personality to your message. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways to use bold text in your Discord messages.

There are no visibile editing guide inside Discord that helps you with making your text bold yet some people or community members can still do it, how?

Discord uses the function Markdown for formatting.


What is Markdown?

Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML). Meaning, Discord uses symbols for its formatting function. As for bold text, Discord uses asterisk (*).


How can I make Bold text on Discord app on PC?

The answer is simple, you have to put an asterisk in the start of the sentence or a word that you want to be written as bold letter. You also have to put another asterisk where you want the bold text or letters to end.


Step 1. Select the word or sentence

After typing the word or message you want to send, you need to decide which part of the sentence you want to appear as bold texts. For this intance, I want the word "bold" to be in bold text.

How to make Bold texts in Discord [SOLVED]


Step 2. Put markdowns

Since I want the word "bold" to be in bold characters, I will be putting two (2) asterisks at the start and the end of the word.

How to make Bold texts in Discord [SOLVED]

The word will automatically be formatted.


Step 3. Send the message

After sending the message, the asterisk will be invisible. It has been already used as the formatting tool for the word.

How to make Bold texts in Discord [SOLVED]


On updated versions of Discord application, after you highlight the word, editing formats will appear on top of the word or sentence like this:

How to make Bold texts in Discord [SOLVED]


How can I make Bold text on Discord app on Android and IOS?

Wether you're using android or IOS devices, the steps are almost the same. You also have to put asterisks at the beginning and the end of the word you want to send as bold characters. The only difference is that even though you're using the latest version of Discord and you try to highlight the message or word, editing formats would not be available.


Step 1. Create your message

Type in the message that you want to send.

How to make Bold texts in Discord [SOLVED]


Step 2. Choose the word or message to bold

You also need to put asterisk on the word or message you want to appear as bold text. Unlike in the Discord PC app, your text will not appear as formatted by putting asterisks, instead, it will appear as bold text after you sent the message.

How to make Bold texts in Discord [SOLVED]


Step 3. Send your message

After entering the message, the selected text will appear as bold text as seen below:

How to make Bold texts in Discord [SOLVED]


Voila! You have made your messages more readable and made it stand out.



Adding bold texts to your message adds impact and emphasis on a certain word or sentence. You can used this to highlight the text and capture the readers' attention, may it be your friend or the whole community itself. Be careful in sending whole paragraphs of text that are set in bold text since they are hard to read. The reason bold type creates emphasis is that it slows down the reader and forces the eye to take in the words more carefully. If you slow them down too much, they may just skip over what you have to say. Also note that some bots restrict you from using too much bold text as per their regulations so be careful in using these.


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