Master How to use Counting Bot on Discord Easily


What is Counting Bot?

Have you ever heard of a bot that lets you count and compete with other server by just doing this? You need a friend to count with so this not only promotes engagement and being active, it also promotes camaraderie among the community members by helping each other, which is the Counting bot.

Counting bot is, as it name suggests, a bot for counting. It is a bot that lets the community count for your Discord server and has a global leaderboard of other Discord servers that also has this bot integrated in the server. You can compete with 400,000+ other Discord servers to count as high as possible.


How to Install Counting Bot on Discord Server?

Here are the few steps to install counting bot on your Discord server.


Step 1. Open your Discord in browser

Since you will need to invite the bot in your Discord server, you have to use a web browser in doing so.

Master How to use Counting Bot on Discord Easily


Step 2. Visit Counting Bot website

Counting bot is listed on You can also Google "Counting Bot" and the first one on the list is the official one. is a search-and-discovery website, where anyone can list their Discord bots, servers, or DAOs.

Master How to use Counting Bot on Discord Easily


Step 3. Invite Counting Bot

After visiting the official website. You will see the counting bot and its commands. Click on "Invite".

Master How to use Counting Bot on Discord Easily


Step 4. Select your Server

After inviting the bot, you will be then redirected to this page asking you to add the bot on the server of your choice. In this instance, I will be adding the counting bot on my Discord server, Chronos Guild.

After selecting the server of your choice, click "Continue".

Master How to use Counting Bot on Discord Easily


Step 5. Authorize the Bot

After adding the bot to the server, you will be asked to authorize the bot with the permissions listed. Don't worry, you can change these permissions later. Click on "Authorize".

Master How to use Counting Bot on Discord Easily


Step 6. Complete the Captcha Challenge

After authorizing the bot, you now need to complete a captcha challenge to prove that you're not a bot. Put a check on the box and you're good to go. You will be prompted that you can close or refresh the tab now.

Master How to use Counting Bot on Discord Easily


Step 7.  Go back to your Server

Go back to your Discord server and look for a channel that you want to start the count on. As for this example, I created a new channel called counting. This will be the channel where I would put the counting bot and start counting.

Master How to use Counting Bot on Discord Easily


Step 8. Inviting the Bot on the Channel

You have to use the command c!channel so that the bot would know where to go and where will it look for the count. I will be using the counting channel that I have created. Send this command

Master How to use Counting Bot on Discord Easily


Step 9. Updated the Counting Channel

After sending the command, you will be prompted that the counting channel has been updated to that specific channel.

Master How to use Counting Bot on Discord Easily


Step 10. Start counting

You can now start counting, starting from 1.

Note: You cannot count countinuously two numbers in a row. You need someone else to count the next number. After successfully counting, the bot will send a reaction on your count.

Master How to use Counting Bot on Discord Easily


Counting rules

  • One person can't count two numbers in a row. (A friend/partner is required)
  • No botting.
  • If you break count, a "save" will be docked from your save count if you have any. Otherwise, the count will reset.


List of Counting Bot Commands

Here are the full list of User and Admin Commands.


User Commands

Input fields prefixed with a ? are optional.

  • c!cs ?[pagenumber] - View the top ten current scores.
  • c!lb ?[pagenumber] - View the top ten high scores.
  • c!ulb ?[pagenumber] - View the top ten users.
  • c!slb ?[pagenumber] - View the top ten users in your guild.
  • c!user ?[@user/user id] - Get a user's stats.
  • c!server - Get the current server's stats.
  • c!donatesave - Donate a save to the current guild. (Adds 0.2 of a guild save.)
  • c!transfersave [@user/user id] - Gift one save from your balance to another user with a tax of 0.5.
  • c!vote - Vote for the bot and get saves.
  • c!stats - Show statistics on the bot and your current shard.


Admin Commands

You can tweak the bot's settings using these commands. Note that you need to have Administrator permission to run these commands.

  • c!failrole [@role/role id] - Set a role for the bot to add to members who ruin a count. To disable, run command without specifying a role.
  • c!channel - Configure the channel you would like to count in.
  • c!numbersonly [on/off] - Enable numbers-only mode. Ruins the count if any message is sent if it is not either a valid number or bot command.
  • c!language ?[languageCode] - Set the language that the bot will respond in.



Counting bot is a good bot to have in your Discord server. It keeps the community engaged and it also challenges other Discord server by counting as high as possible. Since you cannot do this alone as it takes a friend or a partner to make this work, an interaction within the community happens. This would not only make your Discord server active, it would also promote camaraderie amongst the members. If you're looking for a bot that would be interactive and fun, invite counting bot now. It is easy and fun!

If you have more questions, you can visit their official Discord Support Server.


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