Discord Keyboard Shortcuts and Keybinds [Tutorial]


Discord is a popular platform for communication among gamers and communities. It is a great way to connect with friends, create communities, and engage with like-minded people. Discord provides a range of features that make communication on the platform more convenient and efficient.

One of the features that can improve your Discord experience is keyboard shortcuts. In this article, we will guide you through some of the essential keyboard shortcuts that can enhance your Discord experience.


Why do you need Discord Keyboard Shortcuts?

If you use Discord regularly, you know how important it is to stay on top of conversations and activities happening in different channels. With Keyboard Shortcuts, you can perform tasks more quickly, without having to navigate through menus and options. This can save you time and increase your productivity on the platform. Additionally, if you are a gamer, using keyboard shortcuts can help you stay focused on your game while still being able to communicate with your team.

Keyboard shortcuts can be very useful when using Discord for several reasons:

  • Speed: Discord keyboard shortcut allows you to quickly navigate and perform actions without having to click through menus and buttons.
  • Efficiency: Using keyboard shortcuts can help you multitask and save time by reducing the need to switch between your mouse and keyboard.
  • Accessibility: Some users may find it easier or more comfortable to use keyboard shortcuts rather than clicking through menus or using a touchpad.
  • Personalization: Many keyboard shortcuts can be customized to suit your personal preferences and usage patterns.


Discord Keyboard Shortcuts

Discord Keyboard Shortcuts are a series of hotkeys that allow you to perform various actions on the platform without using your mouse. The shortcut to access the full list of these commands is bu using the CTRL + /. These shortcuts are designed to help you navigate through the app faster and more efficiently. You can use them to toggle between different channels, mute your mic, change your status, and much more.

Here are some essential Discord Keyboard Shortcuts to help you navigate through the app more efficiently:

Function Shortcut Key
Navigate Between Servers Control + ALT + Arrow Key UP & Control + ALT + Arrow Key DOWN
Navigate Between Channels ALT + Arrow Key UP & ALT + Arrow Key DOWN
Navigate Between Unread Channels ALT + Shift + Arrow Key UP & ALT + Shift + Arrow Key DOWN
Navigate Between Unread Channels with Mentions Control + Shift + ALT + Arrow Key UP & Control + Shift + ALT + Arrow Key DOWN
Mark Channel as Read Escape
Mark Server Read Shift + Escape
Toggle Hotkeys Control + Slash
Return to Previous Text Channel Control + B
Return to Active Audio Channel Control + ALT + A
Toggle Pins Popout Control + P
Toggle Mentions Popout Control + I
Toggle Channel Member List Control + U
Toggle Emoji Picker Control + E
Scroll Chat Up or Down Page Up & Page Down
Jump to Oldest Unread Message Shift + Page Up
Create or Join a Server Control + Shift + N
Answer Incoming Call Control + Enter
Find or Start a Direct Message Control + K
Decline Incoming Call Escape
Create A Private Group Control + Shift + T
Start Call in Private Message or Group Control + Left Square Bracket
Focus Text Area Tab
Return to Connected Audio Channel ALT + Left Arrow Key
Return to Previous Text Channel ALT + Right Arrow Key
Toggle Mute Control + Shift + M
Toggle Deafen Control + Shift + D
Get Help Control + Shift + H
Upload a File Control + Shift + U


Keyboard Combos

Keyboard combos is another term for discord keyboard shortcuts. You can access these commands by using the shortcut CTRL + / on your Discord application on Windows.

Discord Keyboard Shortcuts and Keybinds [Tutorial]

Discord Keyboard Shortcuts and Keybinds [Tutorial]


How to add Keybinds

Keybinds are also another term for Discord Keyboard Shortcuts but on this feature, you can edit or add your own shortcut. This feature on Discord are a set of keyboard shortcuts that can be customized to perform certain actions in Discord without having to use the mouse. These actions can range from muting your microphone to toggling channels or servers.

Here are the steps on how to add your own Keybind:

Step 1. Open your Discord App

Open your Discord app or browser. Both platforms offer the same way of adding keybinds


Step 2. Go to User Settings

After logging into your account, go to User Settings. You will see all the settings that you can manage on your account.

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Step 3. Go to Keybinds

You will now all the account settings after clicking on User Settings. Below the "App Settings" category, you will see Keybinds, click on it.

Discord Keyboard Shortcuts and Keybinds [Tutorial]


Step 4. Add Keybind

You can now add your keybind by clicking on "Add a Keybind". Select the Action that you want the keybind or shortcut to do then Record Keybind to bind that shortcut to the action that you selected.

Discord Keyboard Shortcuts and Keybinds [Tutorial]

After adding the keybind, you can now use it as you use the other Discord keyboard shortcuts.



Discord Keyboard Shortcuts can help you navigate through the platform more efficiently and save you time while staying connected with your team, friends, or community. By using the shortcuts above, you can quickly perform various actions, such as muting or deafening yourself, creating an invite, or finding a user or server. Don't hesitate to explore more shortcuts or customize your own to fit your needs. Happy chatting!


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