How to enable AutoMod on Discord? [SOLVED]

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If you're finding it overwhelming to keep an eye on your Discord server to ensure that no inappropriate content or behavior is posted, you might want to consider using the solution offered by Automod. Automod is an efficient and reliable feature that takes care of all your moderation worries. By setting up Automod, you can avoid the tiresome task of manual moderation and look forward to a more pleasant and peaceful community environment.

In this article, we aim to describe the process of setting up Automod on your Discord server in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner.


What is AutoMod?

AutoMod is a system of multiple content filters designed to make content moderation easier and less work for moderators. Some filters, like Keyword Filters, are configurable so you can have AutoMod automatically detect and block messages containing specific words or phrases you find harmful to your Community before they’re even posted. Other filters we’re building are powered by machine learning algorithms to detect and block harmful or dangerous messages, such as links to malware.

AutoMod prevents unwanted messages from being posted in your Community across all of your #text-channels, along with other messaging surfaces like Threads and Text Chat in Voice channels. This way, you can feel more comfortable providing your Community with more ways to talk and interact with each other without worrying about adding more moderation work onto your plate.

"In our mission to make it easier to keep your Communities safe on Discord, we're introducing a new auto-moderation tool called AutoMod, for short. With AutoMod, you'll get access to different content filters that let you automatically detect - and even block - undesirable and risky content before it is ever posted. "

Source: Discord's AutoMod FAQ


Step 1. Open your Discord App

Open your Discord app or browser. Both platforms offer the same way of changing the appearance modes.


Step 2. Log onto your Account

You have to be logged onto the account you have Administrator permissions to the server that you want to enable AutoMod


Step 2. Go to User Settings

After logging into your account, go to User Settings. You will see all the settings that you can manage on your account.

How to enable Discord Light Mode? [SOLVED]


Step 3. Click on AutoMod

You will now all the account settings after clicking on User Settings. Below the "Moderation" category, you will see AutoMod, click on it.

How to enable AutoMod on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 4. Select AutoMod moderation tools

You can select from the selection illustrated below on what you want to enable. You have the option to enable. The features are basically for two categories, Keyword Filters and Spam Filters.

How to enable AutoMod on Discord? [SOLVED]


What are Keyword Filters?

AutoMod’s Keyword Filters let you set up the following rules to determine what AutoMod should look out for and how to respond when it flags a message containing certain words or phrases:

1. Commonly Flagged Words Rule - Use ready-made word lists to filter commonly flagged words

2. Custom Keywords Rule - Build your own list of keywords and terms to filter in your Community

Categories of Commonly Flagged Words:

  • Insults and Slurs - Protect members of your Community from personally insulting material targeted at them, including terms that may be considered slurs or hate speech.
  • Sexual Content - Keep sexually explicit language out of your server to keep your Community family-friendly.
  • Severe Profanity - Block the more egregious forms of profanity, while still allowing for mild forms of cursing or swearing.


What are Spam Filters?

Spam is a problem that communities have to defend against every day to protect their members from dangers and bad actors. In our mission to help you keep your Community safe without adding more moderation work onto your plate, we’re building new tools to help cut down spam on Discord.

Source: Discord's AutoMod FAQs


Step 5. Set up Auto Mod

You can click on set up and activate the feature to start setting up your AutoMod on your server. You can do the following:

  • Block Mention Spam - Block messages with an excessive # of role and user mentions
  • Block Suspected Spam Content - monitor messages, forum posts, and threads for potentially spammy content or activity. This feature only supports English.
  • Block Commonly Flagged Words - Flag messages that contain profanity and more. This blocks the common words that is used on communities.
  • Block Custom Words - You can create your own filter to block specific language from your server. This is mostly used since AutoMod only supports English.

How to enable AutoMod on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 6. Save Changes

Once you are done with the changes in AutoMod, click on "Save Changes".

How to enable AutoMod on Discord? [SOLVED]

After enabling and saving the changes, AutoMod will automatically work on all of the channels in your server.



Discord’s Automod is a highly effective instrument which can be quite useful in maintaining the organization and cleanliness of your server. This incredible feature helps to regulate the rules that you set on your server as it can automatically impose rules that you set through the settings. You can also use Automod to create custom rules for your server. Once you've enabled Automod, it will automatically scan incoming messages and flag any that violate your server's rules. Try Automod today and experience the benefits of seamless and automated moderation!


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