How to add Gartic Bot on Discord? [Step-by-Step]

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If you're a gamer, there's a good chance you're familiar with Discord. The chat app, which lets gamers easily voice chat with each other while playing games, has become incredibly popular in recent years. You can use Discord to voice chat with other gamers in real-time, or you can use it to text chat with gamers. Discord also has awesome features like server voice channels, server text channels, and server roles. Discord works by connecting gamers to each other through voice and text chat. When you join a Discord server, you'll be able to voice chat with other gamers in real-time. You can also join server text channels and chat with other gamers.

There are a lot of different ways to use Discord bots to improve your experience. One way is having gaming bots on your server. Having bots like Gartic Bot on your Discord server makes the members or users stay or spend more time in your server since they have something to do.

In this article, we will show you on how to invite Gartic Bot and how to use them on your server.


What is a Gartic Bot on Discord?

What is Gartic?

Gartic is a multiplayer online drawing and guessing game. It is similar to the game Pictionary, but it can be played with friends or strangers. Players choose a word or phrase from a list, and then take turns drawing it. Other players try to guess what the word or phrase is. If someone guesses correctly, they score a point. The game is over when all the words have been guessed, and the player with the most points wins.


Difference between Gartic and Gartic Bot on Discord

On Gartic, you have to draw and let other players guess what you just drew. It's the other way around on Gartic Bot on Discord. You are always on the guessing side. You have to guess the drawing that the bot will give you. There will be a countdown until someone gets it. If noone guessed the picture correctly, then there will be no score for that round. The bot will also provide a leaderboard on how much points you earned or pictures that you successfully guessed correctly.


Why invite Gartic Bot on Discord?

It improves engagement in your server through funny interactions. Community members guessing it incorrectly and finally finding the correct answer is a great way to start conversing with each other. They would have something to talk about. It also promotes activeness in your server. Your audience will spend more time in your server since you're providing fun through games like Gartic Bot. This also promotes camaraderie among users in your Discord servers since by playing together, you can beat or break the past records of other users or the record that you made, yourself!


How can I invite Gartic Bot on Discord Server?

Here are the few steps on how to invite Gartic Bot on Discord Servers that you manage or own.


Step 1. Open your Discord app in browser

You have to open your Discord account in your browser since you need to invite and authorize the bot in your server.

How to add Gartic Bot on Discord? [Step-by-Step]


Step 2.  Visit Gartic Bot’s Official Website

You can either search on Google to look for the official link of the Gartic Bot or use this link directly: Gartic Bot 

How to add Gartic Bot on Discord? [Step-by-Step]


Step 3. Invite Gartic Bot to your Server

After visiting the bot's official website. You will a button "Add into my server". Since we need to invite the bot in the server, click on this.

How to add Gartic Bot on Discord? [Step-by-Step]


Step 4. Selecting your Server

After inviting the bot, you will be then redirected to this page asking you to add the bot on the server of your choice. In this instance, I will be adding the Gartic Bot bot to my test server, GoLinuxCloud Test Server.

How to add Gartic Bot on Discord? [Step-by-Step]

After selecting the server of your choice, click "Continue".


Step 5. Authorizing Gartic Bot to your Server

The bot will ask you permissions to access the server. You don't have to worry because you can change these permissions later.

How to add Gartic Bot on Discord? [Step-by-Step]

Scroll down and click "Authorize". This will make the bot receive all the permissions that they asked you to confirm.


Step 6. Completing the Captcha Challenge

After authorizing the bot, you now need to complete a captcha challenge to prove that you're not a bot. Put a check on the box and you're good to go. You will be prompted that you can close or refresh the tab now.

How to add Gartic Bot on Discord? [Step-by-Step]


Step 7. Epic RPG Bot Successfully Invited

You will then be redirected back to the website of Gartic Bot. This shows that you have now successfully invited the bot to your Discord server. You can now start running commands inside your Discord server.


How to use Gartic Bot on Discord?

After inviting the bot to your server, you can now start playing the game. But first, you have to create a channel specifically made for the game itself. This will be helpful so that users in your Discord server would know where to use the commands and play using the bot.


Step 1. Create a Channel

In this instance, I have created a channel named #gartic-game. This will be the channel that the users will use to play the game.

How to add Gartic Bot on Discord? [Step-by-Step]


Step 2. Run the command

To start a game, you have to use the command g.gartic. This will automatically initiate the bot and the bot will start sending drawings that you have to guess.

How to add Gartic Bot on Discord? [Step-by-Step]


Step 3. Guessing the Picture

You can send your guesses by typing on the chat with whatever you guess the picture to be.

You have now invited the bot and started playing. You can invite your friends or other community members to join you and play the game!


Full List of Gartic Bot commands

  • g.gartic Starts the game on the actual channel
  • g.endEnd the game on the actual channel
  • g.restartRestarts a new match on the channel
  • g.skip The bot skips the actual drawing. This can only be used 3 times per turn.
  • g.hint The bot gives you an answer hint. This can only be used 5 times per turn.
  • g.drawing The bot shows the actual drawing once again.
  • g.record The bot lists the channels record.
  • g.gartic [theme] You can choose your favorite theme to play.



Gartic Bot is a great addition to your Discord server. This bot is easy to invite and also easy to use. This game is like Pictionary, you have to guess the drawing that the bot will show and whoever gets the correct answer among the users who are joining the channel, gets a point. There is a leaderboard system too to show whoever is on top. The community members can also break the existing record of the server by helping each other. This way, they are not only active and would have lots of engagement, they would also have fun in staying in a server that you manage or own. You can also customize the theme that you would be playing depending on whatever's your favorite. You can do this by running the command g.gartic [theme]. Next time that you're looking for a bot that would be fun and promotes activeness and engagements, look no more, Gartic Bot is here.

If you have any questions, you can join Gartic Bot's Discord Server

You can also visit their medium account.


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