Getting started with Ansible

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Overview on Ansible

  • In one liner "Ansible is a super-simple automation platform that is agentless and extensible."
  • It is an open source tool (with enterprise editions available) developed using Python and runs on Windows, Mac, and UNIX-like systems.
  • Ansible is an orchestration engine in IT, which can be used for several use cases.
  • Compared to other automation tools, Ansible brings you an easy way to configure your orchestration engine without the overhead of a client or central server setup.
  • Another great feature is that Ansible is agentless.
  • It uses SSH, so we don't have to prepare and install something before we start.
  • It comes preloaded with a wide range of modules that make your life simpler.


Why use Ansible

Ansible has certain distinct advantages over other similar tools.

  • Ansible is agentless. So we do not need to install any software on the servers that are to be managed. It does require Python runtime on the servers and a SSH server on remote hosts.
  • Ansible supports both push and pull modes. So we can execute Ansible code from a central control machine to make changes on remote machines or the remote machines can pull configuration from a well defined source periodically.
  • Code for Ansible is written in YAML (, which stands for YAML Ain't Markup Language.
  • Ansible does not try to re-invent the wheel. Hence it uses SSH as a transport and YAML as a Domain Specific Language (DSL).


What’s Next

Now next in our Ansible Tutorial we will about Ansible Architecture and important terminologies related to Ansible


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