How to make someone Admin on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Discord is the perfect platform for gamers, offering a secure and convenient way to chat with friends and connect with other players. As the official chat app for gamers, Discord is no stranger to administrators. In fact, the app has a whole section dedicated to administrators, called the Discord Server Settings page. This page lets admins manage everything from server roles to user permissions, and is essential for keeping a Discord server running smoothly.  But what exactly are administrators?


What are Discord Administrators?

Discord administrator or admins in short are responsible for the moderators and the overall management of the server. They are also responsible for keeping the server organized and running smoothly. As an admin, you have the power to promote and demote members, as well as add and remove channels. You also have the ability to kick and ban members from the server. The administrators on Discord are responsible for keeping the chat app running smoothly and keeping the community safe. They moderate the chat rooms, enforce the rules, and keep the spam and bots at bay. Administrators also help to keep the Discord servers organized and tidy. They do all the task regarding Discord and generally keep things running smoothly. You can make someone an admin on Discord if you own the server or your role hierarchy is higher than that can give permissions to be Administrator.


What does Administrators do?

Administrators are basically your right hand man in managing your Discord server. They are the ones handling most of the tasks that you need to do while you're gone. They should have the characteristics that you, yourself, want to have as someone managing your server.

As the administrator of a Discord server, it’s your job to keep the channel organized and make sure the conversations are flowing smoothly. Here are some of the roles of an Administrator:


1. Set up clear rules and guidelines for the server

The rules and guildelines are mostly decided by the owners since they own the Discord server. Administrators, on the other hand, adjust these rules as they see fit and with the approval of the Discord owner, implements the rules that they decided. This will help keep things organized and prevent chaos. Let your members know what is and isn’t allowed, and be clear about the consequences for breaking the rules.


2. Keep an eye on the conversations

Not all Discord members in your community will be obedient and abide by the rules. Discord has a great set of moderation tools that let you mute, kick, and ban members who are causing problems. Use them wisely to keep the peace. Just remember to be patient at all times and assess the situation in a calm manner.


3. Make use of channels

As an Administrator, you will need to be able to create channels for specific groups within the Discord server. Discord lets you create different channels for different topics. This can help keep conversations on track and organized.


4. Be active

As the server administrator, you set the tone for the community. Be active in the conversations and show your members that you’re invested in the server. Though you don't need to be online 24/7, you just have to check your community as be active as much as you can.


5. Have fun!

Discord is a great platform for gaming communities. Use it to connect with your friends and have a good time. By being an Administrator, you will need to talk to alot of community members and engage in conversation. You would be having some great friends and would know alot of people.


Steps to make someone an Admin on Discord?

The simple answer is that you need to create an admin role with "Administrator" permission then give it to the person or community member that you trust to be a good Administrator.


Step 1. Open your app

You have to open your application or web browser and go to the server that you intend to create an Administrator role.


Step 2. Go to Server Settings

Click on the Server's name and on the drop down you will see "Server Settings".

How to make someone Admin on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Step 3. Go to Roles

On the left side menu, you will see the Setting's list. You will see a "Roles" tab. Click on it.

How to make someone Admin on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Step 4. Click Add Role

Upon entering the Roles tab, you will see the list of roles that you have created. You have to create a new one. Choose "Create Role"

How to make someone Admin on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Step 5. Create an Administrator Role

You have to create an administrator role to give. For this instance, I will name the Administrator role as "Admin".

How to make someone Admin on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Step 6. Go to Permissions

After editing the Role, you will need to go to Permissions, on the top tab above the Role Name and beside Display, you will see "Permissions". Click on it.

How to make someone Admin on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Step 7. Give Administrator Permissions

Below the "Permissions" tab, scroll down and you will see "Administrator" you have to toggle this until it turns to green. By clicking on this, the role will automatically gain the permission to be an administrator.

How to make someone Admin on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Step 8. Save Changes

Click on "Save Changes" to save the Administrator role that you've created.

How to make someone Admin on Discord [Step-by-Step]


Step 9. Give the Administrator Role

Choose a member in your community that you would like to give the Admin role to. Note that the member should be in the Discord server and that after you give him the Administrator role, he will then be automatically given the permission to access everything in your Discord server so choose wisely who to give this role to.

Click on the member's profile and look for the "+" sign below the Role.

How to make someone Admin on Discord [Step-by-Step]


You will then be given the list of the roles you can give. Choose the admin role that you just created. For this instance, I created the role "Admin" so I'll be giving this role.

How to make someone Admin on Discord [Step-by-Step]


The member should have the role after you click on this. You can check by looking at their profile again.

How to make someone Admin on Discord [Step-by-Step]

There you have it! You already promoted someone as your Discord Administrator. Be careful on who you give these permissions to!



Administrators are community members that you assign to decide on the rules for participation, welcome people to join, and keep an eye on the community's health and wellbeing. They are able to appoint and oversee community members and they have extensive administrative authority. Additionally, they have the authority to mute, expel, and, if required, kick and ban community mamber .Essentially, administrators are responsible for managing the server and keeping it organized. Without admins, Discord servers would be a chaotic mess! Just be careful on who you would be promoting as an Administrator since they can access everything on your server including sensitive informations on channels that only the owner, Administrators or Moderators can access.


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