Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]

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Getting started with Hydra Bot in Discord Server

Discord is a great platform for making and managing servers for your communities and organizations but it can also be a hard platform to manage without bots. Discord also has a rich ecosystem of bots that can do everything from playing music to helping you moderate your server. Bots are a great way to add extra features to Discord.

Hydra Bot is a powerful Discord bot that can help you manage your server and keep it running smoothly. With its advanced features, you can easily keep track of your server's activity and keep your members engaged. It is a Discord bot that makes it easy to manage your Discord server. With Hydra, you can easily add, remove, and update server roles, manage permissions, create and manage voice and text channels, and more. Hydra is free and open source, proclaimed themselves as "Perfect Discord Bot" with a tag line "Hydra is the only Discord bot you'll ever need!", Hydra bot will surely make your Discord server neat.

In this article, we'll show you how to set up Hydra bot and get it up and running in no time.


Setting up Hydra Bot in Discord Server

Step 1. Open Hydra bot's website

Look for the hydra bot on Google or open the website then click on "Invite"

Hydra Bot


Step 2. Inviting the bot

Then select the server you wish to have the Hydra bot added. For this instance, we have selected Chronos Guild. Click Continue. This will redirect you to the next step which is authorizing the Hydra bot for permissions on your server.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


Step 3. Giving permissions and authorizing Hydra

Upon adding the bot to the server, you will be asked to authorize the bot for permission. You will be shown these permissions. Don't worry, you can change these permissions later.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


Scroll down and you will see the Authorize button. Just click on it.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


Step 4. Captcha required

You are then redirected and is required to finish the Captcha and put a check on the box to prove that you are not a robot. You're almost there!

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


Step 5. Hydra bot Web Dashboard

Then you will be then redirected to Hydra bot's Web Dashboard. You don't need to change anything here yet. //Link here to redirect to 1.1 to set up Web Dashboard

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


Step 6. Hydra Bot test message

Open your Discord app or in your browser and look for the server which you added the bot in. Hydra should be able to initially send a message on your general channel.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


Step 7. Setting up Bot role

Click your Server's name, for this instance, it's Chronos Guild and then select Server Settings.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]

This will redirect you to the server's settings on which you can tweak the roles and permissions. But for now, let's focus on Hydra bot.


Step 8. Adding the Bot role

Click on Roles and then "Create Role". We will not create a role for bots, especially for Hydra bot since it will be the main bot for most of the server's function.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


Upon clicking Create Role, you will see that there will be a role added below "Hydra", named "new role".

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]

The "Hydra" role is automatically added upon adding Hydra bot. This is added when you authorized the bot to make changes in your server.)


Step 9. Changing the name and displaying the Bot role

Click on the role that you created and change it's name to "Bot". You also need to check on "Display role members separately from online members" so that it will be on a separate group role aside from other roles.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]

We need to do this so that the bot won't be alongside the members of the community. 


Step 10. Giving Bot role to Hydra

Click on Manage Members and then look for Hydra. Put a check beside the bot and press Add. This will give the assign the role along with it's permissions.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


Now, you will be able to see Hydra below the "Bots" group.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]

You can also give or tweak various permissions to the "Bot" role depending on the bots that you'll be giving this role to.

Your Hydra bot is now up and is ready to be customized! The next tutorial that we will have is to customize the bot's other functions.


Set up Hydra Bot Web Dashboard and its functions

This next few steps will be your guide to set up your Hydra bot on your Discord server using the Web Dashboard.


Step 1: Web Dashboard - General

Upon opening the dashboard, you will see Hydra, Hydra 2, Hydra 3 and Hydra Staging. You can unlock Hydra 2 above by purchasing premium but let's focus on the first one, Hydra. Let's start with the General settings.

The functions below are as follows:

  • Prefix - this is used to call the commands of the bot in which the bot has access to. The default prefix for Hydra bot is ".".
  • Language - this sets your preferred language of the bot.
  • DJ Roles - you can select the roles to give the DJ roles to. This will allow you to access and use Admin music commands using the bot.
  • Voice channels - the selected channel will be the only voice channel that Hydra can play music.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


Step 2: Web Dashboard - Reaction Roles

Here, you can set up reaction roles. Reaction roles are a way to give users roles by having them react to a message with an emoji. This can be useful for giving people roles in a self-serve manner, or for giving people roles that you don't want to have to manually manage.


2.1 Creating roles

Go back to your Discord server, then go to Roles again by clicking Server name > Server Settings > Roles

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]

For this instance I have created a role and changed its name to Verified.


2.2 Setting up Reaction Roles

Go back to the Web Dashboard and click on Reaction Roles. Here you can see the following functions:

  • Configuration - This will be displayed on top of the reaction role panel
  • Channel - This is the channel where Hydra bot will put the Reaction Roles panel.
  • Type - the type of reaction role for the server. The default setup is set to Normal. Here are the other types:
    • Normal - Users can toggle (add or remove) their roles.
    • Only Add - Users can only add roles to themselves.
    • Only Remove - Users can only remove roles from themselves.
    • Unique - Users can only have at most one role at all times
    • Binding - Users can only add a role to themselves once
  • Options - This is where you will add the options on your reaction role panel.

For this setup, we set the Configuration as "Get your role here" , the channel where the panel will be activated is set in #general and the type is Normal.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


We can add options of reaction roles. Click on "Add options"

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


In the option configuration, you can change the emoji on the left side of the name of the button you're creating. For this example, I have set the emoji as a green check and changed the name of the option as Verified. We can also click the "Style" on which color we prefer the button would be. Below is also the option if you want to put an emoji beside the option or you can also disable the button.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


Then you will need to add an action to the option that you created. Click on "Add Action"

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


After clicking Add Action, you will be prompted to choose among these options. Since our goal is to only add a role, click on Add a Role.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


You will then be redirected back here. We have to click the drop down menu and look for the role that you want to be added in the option and put a check on it. In this case, it's Verified. Then click "Confirm".

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


After confirming. We should see a Preview of what we did that looks like this:

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


Click on "Save", it will automatically be on the general channel. We can test it out if it works by clicking the button. It should give us the role that we made as an option.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


2.3 Checking if the Reaction Roles are set up properly

You can check if the role has been added to your profile by clicking on your personal profile on the right side of the server. It should look like this:

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]

Voila, you already have your reaction role set up finished. 


Step 3: Web Dashboard - Message Builder

Adding a message builder on discord can help you format your messages in a more organized and professional manner. Additionally, a message builder can help you ensure that your messages are free of errors and are properly formatted.


3.1 Message Builder

By clicking on "Message Builder", we can create a message that will be on the format that we design. Click on "Create new message".

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


3.2 Create a new message

Here we can format our message. We have to set the following to create an embedded message:

  • Name - The name of the message, usually the topic
  • Channel - This is where the embedded message will be posted
  • Message - The upper part of the message is the header. Below is the title along with the body of the embedded message

Then click "Send Message"

We can also customize the appearance of the embedded message by adding links, changing the embed color, etc.

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]


Go back to Discord and the embedded message should look like this:

Set up Hydra Bot in Discord Server [In-Depth Guide]

There you go! You already set up your first embedded message using Hydra bot!


Other Hydra bot functions

Music DJ bot

There are many reasons why music dj in Hydra bot discord is the best. For one, the music dj in Hydra bot discord is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Additionally, the music dj in Hydra bot discord provides an extensive music library that is sure to please even the most discerning of music lovers. Finally, the music dj in Hydra bot discord is constantly updated with the latest and greatest hits, ensuring that your music listening experience is always top-notch.

You can see the complete list of commands here: Hydra Bot List of Commands



Hydra bot is a great tool for managing Discord servers efficiently. It is easy to use and has a lot of features that make it a valuable asset for any Discord user. It's packed with features that make it perfect for gaming communities. It is also great bot to use because it is constantly being updated with new features and bug fixes. The Hydra bot on discord is not just helpful, but the developers are also amazing. They are always there to help with whatever you need and are always willing to help out.

For more details, you can contact their support here:


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