How to install Zoom on AlmaLinux 8 [Step-by-Step]


This article talks about how to install zoom client application on Alma Linux 8.

Zoom is a platform-independent video-conferencing application. It allows 40 minutes of free call to up to 100 users. To handle more than 100 participants users have to choose a pricing plan from three available pricing models i.e. Business, Pro, and Education. In today's world of coronavirus, we can say that the zoom application is a lifesaver for professional users.

Linux users can use this application to arrange meetings with clients using any platform such as Windows, MAC OS. If you know how to use Linux its installation and use are easy. Zoom provides a secure connection for video calling and chatting to users.



  • The AlmaLinux 8 distribution should install on your computer.
  • Root user or sudo privileges are needed to install zoom on your system.


Zoom installation on AlmaLinux 8 distribution

You can install zoom on AlmaLinux 8 distribution by implementing the following steps:


Step 1: Update the packages repository

The first step to installing any software on Linux is to update the packages and then refresh the repository. So, run the following command to update the package’s source list:

$ sudo dnf update

update packages to install zoom


Step 2: Install Epel repository 

After updating the system packages list, install the EPEL repository on your system. Using the epel, you can easily create and manage the set of all additional packages. Therefore, include the epel repository by executing the following command:   

$ sudo dnf install epel-release



Step 2: Download Zoom client’s binary file

To install zoom, you need to download the binary file of the zoom application from the official website of zoom. Use the following ‘wget’ command to download the zoom binary file according to your system architecture.

$ wget

wget download zoom binary


Step 3: Install Zoom on AlmaLinux 8

After doing the above steps, now you can install zoom on your system. So, once you have downloaded the binary file, run this binary file on your system to install zoom by issuing the dnf command:

$ sudo dnf localinstall zoom_x86_64.rpm

The above command will install zoom and its all required dependencies to run the zoom application on your system.

install zoom


Step 4: Check Zoom version

Once the zoom client is installed on your system AlmaLinux 8, type the following command to check the installed zoom version:

$  rpm -qi zoom

The installed version of zoom application details will display on the terminal as follows:

check zoom version


Step 5: Launch Zoom on Alma Linux 8

Once you install zoom, launch it on AlmaLinux 8 distribution. Using the two methods, you can easily start the zoom application on your system. Either, you can also launch the zoom client application by using the application search bar. Type the ‘zoom’ in the search bar. As a result, the zoom icon will show in the search result as follows:

install zoom on almalinux 8

Click on this zoom icon to launch it on your system. or you can start zoom by using the terminal by typing the following command:

$ zoom client

The above command will open the zoom application’ login page on the desktop as follows:

launch zoom client

Congratulations! The zoom installation is completed 


Uninstall Zoom from AlmaLinux 8 

You can also uninstall the zoom client from your system AlmaLinux 8 simply by running the following command:

$ sudo dnf autremove zoom        

Press ‘y’ and hit enter to uninstall zoom from AlmaLinux 8.

uninstall zoom



We have demonstrated in this article how to install zoom client on AlmaLinux 8 distribution. Zoom application is a good application for collaboration between teams and it is an easy platform to conduct professional meetings online. We have also discussed how to uninstall zoom from your system if you don’t need to use it further.


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