How to Invite Dank Memer on Discord? [SOLVED]

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If you're a gamer, you're probably familiar with Discord. It's a voice and text chat app designed for gamers that lets you easily find, join, and chat with friends. It's free, and it works on both your desktop and phone. You can use Discord to voice chat with other gamers in real-time, or you can use it to text chat with gamers.

One of the great things about Discord are its engaging and fun bots. Bots are little programs that can do all sorts of things in Discord, from playing music to keeping track of your server stats. Some of these bots are for gaming, too! Dank Memer is one of them. In this article, we will guide you on how to invite Dank Memer to your Discord server and also list its function and commands.


About Dank Memer

Dank Memer is a global currency game for collecting items, getting rich, robbing friends, taking care of virtual pets, gambling, and so much more.

Dank Memer features include:

  • Virtual pets that you can level, breed, and fight with
  • 200+ unique items to collect, invest in, and sell
  • A global market system letting users trade coins and items
  • A fun grinding suite of commands that range from working pretend jobs to committing crimes
  • An adventure system where you make choices for a chance at rewards
  • Global and per server leaderboards for users to compete in
  • Bank heists and stealing from friends
  • Server engagement tools for giveaways and events from our currency
  • And so much more...

"Our game is one that will keep your members engaged and feeling a full range of emotions over some pretend currency.

We have a team of 10+ paid staff members working around the globe and around the clock to bring this bot to users of all ages. There is always a new update planned, and our development team is very active in our community server hearing feedback and giving sneak peeks at new updates.

Our bot is used by over a million users per month, and over 32 million in the last 5 years. Our users keep coming back!

But don't take our word for it, view the 8,000+ reviews with a 4.7 star rating!"

Source: Dank Memer Page


How to Invite Dank Memer to your Discord Server

Step 1. Open your Discord app in browser

You have to open your Discord account in your browser since you need to invite the bot in your server.


Step 2.  Visit Dank Memer’s page on

You can either search on Google to look for the official link on is a search-and-discovery website, where anyone can list their Discord bots, servers, or DAOs.

How to Invite Dank Memer on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 3. Invite Dank Memer to your Server

After visiting the bot's page. You will see two buttons, "Invite" and "Vote". Since you first need to invite the bot on your server, click on "Invite Bot".

Note: You need to be atleast a bot master to invite the bot to your target server.

How to Invite Dank Memer on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 4. Selecting your Server

After inviting the bot, you will be then redirected to this page asking you to add the bot on the server of your choice. In this instance, I will be adding the Dank Memer to my test server, GoLinuxCloud Test Server.

How to Invite Dank Memer on Discord? [SOLVED]

After selecting the server of your choice, click "Continue".


Step 5. Authorizing Dank Memer to your Server

The bot will ask you permissions to access the server. You don't have to worry because you can change these permissions later.

How to Invite Dank Memer on Discord? [SOLVED]


Scroll down and click "Authorize". This will make the bot receive all the permissions that they asked you to confirm.

How to Invite Dank Memer on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 6. Completing the Captcha Challenge

After authorizing the bot, you now need to complete a captcha challenge to prove that you're not a bot. Put a check on the box and complete the channel then you're good to go. You will be prompted that you can close or refresh the tab now.

How to Invite Dank Memer on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 7. Dank Memer Successfully Invited

You will then be redirected back to the main website and prompted that you have successfully invited the bot into your server.

How to Invite Dank Memer on Discord? [SOLVED]


Dank Memer Commands

To start using Dank Memer on your Discord server, you first have to know what commands to run. Here are the list of some of Dank Memer Commands:

Command Description
/8ball Ask the magik 8ball a question
/achievements View your progress towards achievements.
/advancements See Dank Memer currency progression features.
/adventure Exchange a ticket for an interactive adventure!
/alert Read the last important message from the developers
/animals Get animal images!
/audit See who has made changes to Dank Memer's settings in your server.
/automeme Set up a channel to automatically post memes to every x minutes.
/badges View and manage your badges.
/balance See someone's balance. Pocket, bank, and net worth.
/bankrob Gather a large group of people to rob someone's bank account!
/beg Beg for coins to help bolster your pocket balance.
/block Block other users from interacting with you in various ways.
/bundles View and complete bundles to work towards the collectors badge.
/clap Make the bot say whatever you want with sass!
/compare Compare yourself with another user.
/craft Craft items together to make different items!
/crime Commit a (fake) crime for items and coins, with some risk.
/currencylog See a complete log of all items and coins going in an out of your inventory.
/daily Each day you can get an injection of coins and maintain a streak.
/deposit Deposit coins into your bank out of your pocket.
/dig Dig in the dirt for bugs and other fun items.
/disableuse Block the usage of certain items within your server.
/donor Manage your premium features and status.
/drops See upcoming drop sales and buy any that might be active.
/farm A farming game!
/fish Grab a fishing pole from the shop and go fishing for some fun items!
/flow Manage your flows.
/friends Manage your friendships.
/game Game with other users.
/giveaway Create and view global giveaways.
/help Get help using the bot's commands!

To see the list of all the commands, check out Dank Memer Full Commands 



To sum it all up, Dank Memer is a great addition to your Discord server. It is free and easy to invite. Dank Memer team also boasts that their bot is a game is one that will keep your members engaged and feeling a full range of emotions over some pretend currency. The bot has different staff members that works on the bot itself for further updates. They are also active in the community for any questions, so if you have one, you can visit their Support Server!


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