How to use Mimu Bot on Discord? [SOLVED]

Discord bots are a helpful tool that can improve your Discord server's productivity and interaction in a number of ways. These bots are capable of carrying out a variety of duties, such as playing music, moderating, sending automated messages, and more. You can simply choose the bot that best suits the demands of your server thanks to the abundance of them available and the ongoing development of new ones. You may simplify server maintenance and give your server's users a more interesting and personalized experience by simply installing the proper bot. Mimu Bot is one such bot that has gained popularity among Discord users for its multifunctional capabilities.

Are you looking for a way to enhance your Discord experience? Mimu Bot may be the solution for you. In this article, we will guide you on how to add Mimu Bot on Discord and explore its features and commands.


What is Mimu Bot?

Mimu Bot is a multifunctional Discord bot that can add a lot of value to your Discord server. Discord is a popular platform used by gamers and communities for communication and entertainment purposes. With the help of Mimu Bot, you can manage your Discord server more efficiently and have more fun with your friends.

Mimu Bot is a free-to-use bot that can be added to your server in just a few steps. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use even for beginners. The bot has several features that are designed to enhance the Discord experience, such as music playback, moderation, and fun games.

Additionally, Mimu Bot uses a per-server economy. Players can acquire virtual currency in a per-server economy by finishing in-game missions, taking part in events, or trading goods with other players. Players can use their virtual currency to buy virtual products and services like cosmetics or player-owned virtual real estate, as well as in-game stuff like weapons, armor, and other equipment.


What are the Features of Mimu Bot?

Mimu Bot has a wide range of features that can enhance your Discord server. Here are some of its notable features:

  • Music playback: Mimu Bot has a built-in music player that can play music from various sources, including YouTube and SoundCloud. You can also create a playlist of your favorite songs and have the bot play them for you.
  • Moderation: Mimu Bot can help you manage your server by enforcing rules and punishing violators. It can perform tasks such as kicking and banning users and removing spam messages.
  • Fun games: Mimu Bot has several games that can be played within Discord, such as trivia, blackjack, and hangman. These games can add a lot of fun and excitement to your server and help you build a more engaged community.
  • Customizability: Mimu Bot is highly customizable, allowing you to tweak its settings and functions to suit your needs. You can change the prefix for commands, configure auto-responses, and set up welcome and leave messages.
  • Uptime: Mimu bot has a 99.99% uptime and is available all the time. This guarantees that there are no server outages and maintains user satisfaction.


How to Add Mimu Bot on Discord?

Adding Mimu Bot to your Discord server is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1. Open your Discord app in browser

You have to open your Discord account in your browser since you need to invite the bot in your server.


Step 2.  Visit Mimu Bot’s page on

You can either search on Google to look for the official link on is a search-and-discovery website, where anyone can list their Discord bots, servers, or DAOs.

How to use Mimu Bot on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 3. Invite Mimu Bot to your Server

After visiting the bot's page. You will see two buttons, "Invite" and "Vote". Since you first need to invite the bot on your server, click on "Invite Bot".

Note: You need to be atleast a bot master to invite the bot to your target server.

How to use Mimu Bot on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 4. Selecting your Server

After inviting the bot, you will be then redirected to this page asking you to add the bot on the server of your choice. In this instance, I will be adding the Mimu Bot to my test server, GoLinuxCloud Test Server.

How to use Mimu Bot on Discord? [SOLVED]

After selecting the server of your choice, click "Continue".


Step 5. Authorizing Mimu Bot to your Server

The bot will ask you permissions to access the server. You don't have to worry because you can change these permissions later.

How to use Mimu Bot on Discord? [SOLVED]


Scroll down and click "Authorize". This will make the bot receive all the permissions that they asked you to confirm.

How to use Mimu Bot on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 6. Completing the Captcha Challenge

After authorizing the bot, you now need to complete a captcha challenge to prove that you're not a bot. Put a check on the box and complete the channel then you're good to go. You will be prompted that you can close or refresh the tab now.

How to use Mimu Bot on Discord? [SOLVED]


Step 7. Mimu Bot Successfully Invited

You will then be prompted that you have successfully invited the bot into your server.

How to use Mimu Bot on Discord? [SOLVED]

Once you have successfully added Mimu Bot to your server, you can start exploring its features and commands.


Mimu Bot Commands

Mimu Bot has a wide range of commands that can be used to perform various functions. Here are some of its popular commands:

General Commands

These commands can be used by anyone

  • .balance <user> checks someone's balance
  • .buy [product # or name in shop] buy something from shop
  • .clickmallow spam-click a marshmallow for How to use Mimu Bot on Discord? [SOLVED] within a timeframe.
  • .coinflip [heads/tails] [value #] flip a coin and gamble
  • .drop [value #] drop an amount of How to use Mimu Bot on Discord? [SOLVED] to be picked
  • .help help page
  • .give give away an amount of currency or an item
  • .leaderboard <page #> view leaderboard


Pet / Vote Commands

These commands either link to voting, or require you to have pets (checked by .balance). pets are bought by a global currency, How to use Mimu Bot on Discord? [SOLVED].

  • .feed <-remind> feed your pet and extend its life; requires you to have food for your pet. optional parameter that gets mimu to remind you (in dms) to feed your pet after 10 minutes.
  • .play <-remind> play with your pet to extend its life
  • .playdate [user]> have a playdate with someone else's pet!
  • .vote sends you the link to vote for mimu

These are just a few examples of the commands available on Mimu Bot. You can find a complete list of commands on the Mimu Bot page or on their official website.



Mimu Bot is a versatile and customizable Discord bot that can add a new dimension to your Discord server. You can easily add Mimu Bot to your server and start exploring its features and commands. Whether you want to play music, manage your server, or have some fun with friends, Mimu Bot has something for everyone. It can make your Discord experience more engaging and enjoyable!


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