How to send Silent Messages on Discord? [SOLVED]

Written by - Mark Arvin Tychingco
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Silent messages is a newly released featuer on Discord. It is a way to prevent you from disturbing someone that you're messaging or tagging on Discord. They will know that there is a notification once they check their Discord application. You can use silent messages for both direct messages and channel messages. This does not require any plugin or anything else. Just put @silent at the beginning of your message.

In Discord's announcement they said that "It's like slipping a note to your friend. Add @silent at the very beginning of your message to send it without any push or desktop notifications. Recipients will still see the notification dot, just no alert."

How to send Silent Messages on Discord? [SOLVED]


Steps to Send Silent Messages on Discord

As stated above, you can send silent messages by simply adding @silent at the beginning of your sentence or chat. This will automatically trigger the feature of silent messages on Discord. This both works on PC and mobile application.
Here's the detailed step by step guide on how to do that:

Step 1. Open your Discord Application

Open your Discord app, browser or your mobile application. Both platforms offer the same way of using the silent messages.

Step 2. Choose the Message

How to send Silent Messages on Discord? [SOLVED]

Choose or type a message that you want to send. You can use silent messages for both direct messages and channel messages. In this instance, we will try to send a message on our test server, GoLinuxCloud Test Server.

Step 3. Put the @silent prefix

How to send Silent Messages on Discord? [SOLVED]

Put the @silent at the beginning of the sentence or message that you've created.

Step 4. Send the slient message

How to send Silent Messages on Discord? [SOLVED]

Press Enter or Send after you've put the @silent at the beginning of the message. You will now see a bell icon with the letter "z" on the upper right side of the message. This means that the message will not notify for the members of the server but will have a notification dot.

You have now successfully sent a silent message on Discord server.



Silent messages on Discord is a great way to send messages without disturbing your community (if you're sending a messages on a Discord server) or your friend through direct messages (if you're sending a direct message). After they check their Discord application, they will discover that there is a notification. For both direct and channel communications, silent messages are an option. It's similar like giving your friend a secret message. To send a message without receiving any push or desktop notifications, start it with @silent. There won't be an alert, but recipients will still see the notification dot.

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