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Currently I am running this website only part time so I do not get enough time after my office hours to write enough articles on a daily basis but I do try to post new content as and when I have some time. I have recently published a set of 20+ articles covering basics and advanced topics on Kubernetes Tutorial and Ansible Tutorial.

If you want me to write any article on certain topic then please reach out to me using Contact Section or you can send me a mail at I cannot guarantee but I will definitely try to write one assuming I have enough knowledge on the provided subject.

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Below are some of the topics on which I will continue to write articles on:

  • Linux Architecture and Administration
  • Troubleshooting guide from real time scenarios
  • Monitor and analyze system performance (Network, Storage, Process)
  • Security Management (Firewalld, IPtables, OpenSSL, PAM,..)
  • Clusters (High Availability, Load Balancer, Best performing, ..)
  • RAID (Hardware and Software)
  • Hardware Configuration
  • DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, OpenStack, Ansible, Elasticsearch)
  • Virtualization (VMware, KVM, VirtualBox)
  • Programming (Go, Java, Python, Pandas, Node.js, Javascript, SQL)
  • Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto currency
  • Ethical Hacking and White Hat Hacking
  • Git development platform
  • Interview Questions and Answers

The list will continue to grow as I continue to learn more ?


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