Yersinia GUI not working on Kali Linux [SOLVED]

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Issue - Yersinia has been configured with --disable-gtk option

Lately while working on Kali Linux I encountered this error when trying to execute yersinia -G and the Yersinia GUI was not working.

   Hmmm... it seems that you don't have gtk support or Yersinia
   has been configured with --disable-gtk option...
   Go and get it!!

I was using following release of Kali Linux

└─# lsb_release -a                 
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID:	Kali
Description:	Kali GNU/Linux Rolling
Release:	2024.1
Codename:	kali-rolling



I tried to search online for some solutions but couldn't find any. The weird part is that I had installed yersinia by using apt package manager and it has no such option to enable or disable GTK so I assumed it may be a BUG as I could find a couple of users had reported the same issue on GitHub.

To fix this I manually cloned the yersinia repo from github and compiled the binary. So first we need to remove the existing package:

apt remove --auto-remove yersinia
apt purge --auto-remove yersinia
Yersinia GUI not working on Kali Linux [SOLVED]

Next let's clone the yersinia repo to our Kali Linux machine inside /opt/yersinia:

git clone /opt/yersinia

Next we need to install some dependent packages required for compilation:

apt install autoconf libgtk-3-dev libnet1-dev libgtk2.0-dev libpcap-dev -y
The libpcap-dev package is required or else you may get error during compilation as !!! couldn't find a complete set of pcap headers.

Once the required packages are installed, navigate inside /opt/yersinia and execute / script.

cd /opt/yersinia

Look out for any errors. If there are no errors then execute the following command to configure yersinia with GTK:

./configure --with-gtk

Next complete the compilation:

make install
Yersinia GUI not working on Kali Linux [SOLVED]

Now attempt to access the Yersinia GUI:

yersinia -G

and this time the GUI has successfully loaded and we don't get the same error as seen earlier.

Yersinia GUI not working on Kali Linux [SOLVED]

Hope this helps.


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