Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]


Carl Bot is a useful tool for Discord server especially those large ones. This bot has a lot of functions you can choose from. One of these functions is the Reaction Role. Reaction roles are a great way to automatically give users roles when they join your server, or to give them roles based on their activity. Carl bot automatically gives the role in a Discord server and is automatically given to a user when they react to a message with a certain emoji.

In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to install Carl Bot in your server and set up Reaction Roles.


What are Reaction Roles?

Reaction roles are roles that are set up by an Admin to be given automatically by bots, in this case, we will be using Carl Bot. The users can select which role to get on a specific channel and will automatically get that role by just reacting on the post. Example, I'm planning to create a server and I want to give roles to my server that chooses that their country origin. Manually doing it would take so much time. I can set up Carl Bot to create a choice on a specific channel if they are from the Asia, North America, Africa or any other continents. By doing so, I can create a forum for members that are from certain continents. I can even set up a continent-restricted chat for different continents. When I also have to ping or talk to a certain role, I can tag them with @role without bothering other members.


Step 1. Setting up Roles

We will create the roles needed or the roles you want to be set up in Reaction Roles. By doing so, you let your users choose their desired role from these choices.  We will need to add the roles that would be listed as choice. Open your Discord through app or web.

Click on the Discord server's name then click "Server Settings"

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

After this, you will be prompted with different settings of the server. Click on "Roles".

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

Edit your roles' name to your desire name. For this instance, it will be Asia and North America as examples. You can also change the role's color so it will be distinguishable. Then click on "Save changes" to save your edited roles.

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]


Step 2. Inviting Carl Bot on your Server

2.1 Visiting Carl Bot website.

You can look for Carl Bot on Google or you can use this link here to redirect you to their official website. Click on "Login with Discord"

carl bot


2.2 Authorize the Bot

You will then be asked to authorize the bot. Click on "Authorize"

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]


2.3 Select your Discord Server

You will then be redirected to the selection screen. You have to select which Discord server it is that you want Carl bot to be in. In this case, I will choose Chronos Guild.

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]


2.4 Invite the Bot to your desired Server

After choosing the server that you want the bot in, you will be asked for permission to access your server. Click on "Continue"

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

Then you will be prompted with another permission, you can change this permissions later.

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

Scroll down and click "Authorize".

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]
Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

Finish the Captcha challenge to prove that you're not a robot.

And voila! You have invited Carl Bot to you server! You will be redirected to this page and you can click on "Get Started" to customize your Carl Bot's settings.

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]


Step 3. Setting Up Reaction Roles on Carl Bot

3.1 Main Dashboard

After clicking "Get Started", you will be directed again to this site. You will see the functions that the Carl Bot offers but for now, let's focus on Reaction Roles, just click on Next until you're redirected to the Main Dashboard.

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

You will then see the Dashboard, it should look like this:

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

Scroll down until you see the Utility list and look for "Reaction Roles". Click on it.

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]


3.2 Creating new reaction role

You will then see "Create new reaction role" on this tab that will allow you to create your own reaction roles.

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

After that, there will be a pop up message like this.

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

There are three (3) types of Modes:

  • Post embed mode - this will allow you to add and edit an embedded post that you created.
  • Use ID mode- this will allow you to add reaction role to an old message that you have sent. You have to get the message ID for this mode.
  • Use most recent message in channel - this will allow you to use the recent message sent on the channel that you have selected to be the reaction roles message.

You will also be asked on which channel you want to put the reaction role, the content that you want to put and "Add emoji" which will be the emoji that the users will see and react on. For this example, I will be using Post embed, my desired channel to put the reaction role on is on #general (Tip: Put your reaction role's channel above the server so people that are coming in would first see this).

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

Now in the content section, you need to create a message that will be displayed. First, let users know that clicking on the emojis below that message will assign an associated role. For this example, I have put Philippine Flag emoji for Asia and US flag for North America. You can click on Add Emoji to add more choices as needed.

You can also opt message types, allowed members and blacklisted members.

After you finish setting up, click on Create.

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]


3.3 Checking the Reaction Roles

Go back to your server and check if the message and the emoji for the reaction roles has been sent. Make sure Carl Bot's permission is above the Roles that it will be giving out. Like this:

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

After that, the message should look like this, it should have the message and the options added.

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

The embedded message should be in the #general channel and the reaction roles should be working, you can react on the message and see if it works. The role should be automatically given to you by the bot.

Set Up Reaction Roles using Carl Bot [Step-by-Step]

And there you have it! A fully working reaction role system using Carl Bot. 



Reaction roles are a great way to give your Discord community members more control over their experience on your server. By allowing users to select their own roles, you can give them more control over what they see and who they interact with. This can be a great way to keep your community organized and engaged. It is also a great way to keep your server organized and running smoothly. If you're not using them already, I highly recommend you start!

I hope this guide helped you. If you have more questions and to view other functions you can check out their documentation website.

You can also contact their support server.


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