How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]


Author: Omer Cakmak
Reviewer: Deepak Prasad

What is Issabel?

Issabel is a Unified Communications Telephone Exchange software that provides user-friendly web-based configuration, management and reporting that allows you to create communication tools such as Ip Switchboard, Video Conference Server, etc.

Abilities for Isabel:

  • No users limit
  • Ability to share desktop or specific windows.
  • Access to the conference from the web browser, without the need to install additional software.
  • Edition of documents together and in real time.
  • Integrated chat


Download iso file for Issabel

Issabel is offered with an operating system based on Centos 7. In other words, when this operating system is installed, Issabel is also installed.  You can use to download the ISO file. You can install on physical devices by burning the ISO file to DVD. For virtual installation, start the installation by uploading this file to the virtualization platform.


Install Issabel [Step-by-Step with Screenshots]

Installation begins with the steps of the operating system.

Step-1- Proceed by selecting Install.

How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]


Step-2- Continue by selecting the language.

How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]


Step-3- Follow the steps for Localization, software and system. Select the asterisk version for Issabel in the software step.

How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]


Step-4- Define a password to the operating system root user. Create a local sudo authorized user and give a password.

How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]


Step-5- Then the installation steps related to the operating system end.

How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]

Installation continues with steps to install Issabel.


Step-6- Enter the root password for the database(Mariadb) that Issabel will use.

How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]


Step-7- Re-confirm the root password.

How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]


Step-8- Enter the password for the Issabel admin user.

How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]


Step-9- Confirm the admin user password.

How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]


Step-10- Installation is complete. Access it by opening a web browser from a device on the same network. For example:

How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]


Step-11- Log in with the admin user whose password you defined during installation.

How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]


Step-12- Installation completed successfully. You can use Isabel.

How to install Issabel PROPERLY [Step-by-Step]


It will show you a summary when you ssh into the Issabel server:

foc@fedora:~$ ssh foc@
foc@'s password:
Last login: Sun Sep 11 14:23:59 2022

O @ @ Issabel is a product meant to be configured through a web browser.
@ @ O Any changes made from within the command line may corrupt the system
@ O O configuration and produce unexpected behavior; in addition, changes
O made to system files through here may be lost when doing an update.

To access your Issabel System, using a separate workstation (PC/MAC/Linux)
Open the Internet Browser using the following URL:

Your opportunity to give back:

System load: 0.10 (1min) 0.04 (5min) 0.02 (15min) Uptime: 3 min
Asterisk: OFFLINE
Memory: [======>------------------------------------------] 14% 271/1998M
Usage on /: [=======>-----------------------------------------] 15% 2.5/18G
Swap usage: 0.0%
SSH logins: 2 open sessions
Processes: 132 total, 7 yours



There is a forum page and telegram channel for Issabel. You can visit here for any kind of support. After Issabel was installed, some commands were loaded into the system. For example:

[root@issabel foc]# issabel
issabel-add-yum-exclude     issabel-configure-lcd       issabel-endpointconfig      issabel-menumerge    issabel-notification        issabel-portknock-validate  
issabel-admin-passwords     issabel-dbprocess           issabel-helper              issabel-menuremove        issabel-portknock-cleanup

Let's change the Issabel admin user password:

[root@issabel foc]# issabel-admin-passwords --change

After this command, first the database password and then the admin user's password are changed.


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