6 Methods to check if Array is Empty in JavaScript

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Checking if a JavaScript array is empty is frequently done in web development to make sure that tasks like data manipulations or iterations are only done on arrays having items. This can prevent errors and also improve the efficiency of your code. In this tutorial we will cover different possible methods which you have utilise to check if an array is empty in JavaScript.


List of Methods to check if Array is Empty in JavaScript

  • Using .length Property : Checking directly if the length of the array is zero.
  • Combining .length with Array.isArray(): First, check if it’s an array and then see whether it’s empty.
  • Using every() Method: Ensure that all elements meet an empty condition (often impractical for mere emptiness check).
  • Conditional check (Falsy Check): Utilize the feature of JavaScript treating zero as falsy.
  • With reduce() Method: Try reducing the array and catch any errors thrown when reducing an empty array.
  • Existence check with for Loop: Iterate through each element marking non-emptiness whenever iteration happens over any item in the list.


1. Using the .length Property

This is the most straightforward method is to check the .length property of any array. If the length is 0, then the array is empty. This method is direct and efficient for most use cases.

let arr = [];
if (arr.length === 0) {
    console.log("The array is empty.");


2. Combining Array.isArray() with .length

If you are not sure if the variable is actually an array or not and if it is an array then whether it is empty or not then you can combine Array.isArray() with checking the .length. This is useful to avoid errors when the variable might not be an array.

let arr = [];
if (Array.isArray(arr) && arr.length === 0) {
    console.log("The array is empty.");


3. Using the every() Method

It’s worth mentioning that though every() method is not commonly known for checking emptiness but technically this method can find out whether or not an array is empty by testing every element against certain condition since there are no any elements in empty array so that it will trivially be true for all cases.

let arr = [];
if (!arr.every(element => typeof element !== "undefined")) {
    console.log("The array is empty.");


4. Checking with a Conditional (Falsy Check)

An empty array is treated as truthy in JavaScript, however !arr.length takes advantage of the fact that 0 is falsy which makes this condition true for empty arrays.

let arr = [];
if (!arr.length) {
    console.log("The array is empty.");


5. Using reduce() Method

Another way to check if an array is empty involves using the reduce() method which tries to reduce the array into a single value and throws TypeError when called on empty arrays.

let arr = [];
try {
    arr.reduce((acc, current) => acc + current);
    console.log("The array is not empty.");
} catch (error) {
    if (error instanceof TypeError) {
        console.log("The array is empty.");


6. Checking each variable with a for Loop

One way of determining whether or not there are elements in an array is by iterating through them using a for loop; thus if iteration occurs then it implies non-emptiness of given list.

let arr = [];
let isEmpty = true;
for (let element of arr) {
    isEmpty = false;
console.log(isEmpty ? "The array is empty." : "The array is not empty.");



Usually, developers use .length property because it is simple and straightforward to determine whether an array is empty or not in JavaScript. More reliable checks may ensure that a variable isArray using Array.isArray() combined with .length Moreover other methods like conditional checking for 0 which is considered falsy by JS type coercion system; capturing exceptions from reduce() method during its failure on empty arrays etc., provide additional safety nets. These approaches cover different ranges of simple validation scenarios up complex ones hence they enhance reliability as well as functionality improvement for web applications.


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