How To Generate Discord Invite Links? [SOLVED]

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Discord is a popular chat client that allows gamers of all kinds to communicate and collaborate. It is a popular chat app that lets users connect with friends and colleagues to chat, share photos, and collaborate on projects. There's no doubt that Discord is one of the most popular chat services on the internet. Used by millions of people worldwide, Discord has proven to be a powerful and versatile tool for online gaming, voice chat, and more. It’s also used by indie developers and small businesses to communicate with customers and partners. One of the great features of Discord is the ability to create invite links. These links can be shared with others so that they can join your server or join a specific channel. This is an easy and simple way to invite people to join your server or join a specific conversation.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to make a invite link for Discord. By following these steps, you’ll be able to easily create a link that your friends and followers can use to join your server. Plus, by copying your invite link, you’ll have it handy in case you need it again. So be sure to check this out for all the details on how to make an invite link for Discord.

Looking to make an invite link for a Discord you love and share it with friends? Check out this article for a step-by-step guide on how to do it.


The Benefits Of Using Invite Link on Discord

Discord is a popular chat app that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. It's a great way to communicate with friends and family, and it can also be used for online gaming. But what about inviting people to join your server? Wouldn't it be easier to just post a message on Discord itself? Well, that's where invite links come in.

Invite links are unique links that you can use to send people directly to your Discord server. They're simple to create and use, and they have a number of benefits that make them worth using. For starters, invite links are a great way to get people onto your server fast – they bypass the general messaging system on Discord and go straight to the join page. This makes it easy for new members to find your server and join in immediately without having to search through messages or profiles first.

Invite links are also great for promoting your server online. You can use them as part of social media posts or other website content, which will help draw in more visitors from across the web. Plus, invite links make it easy for you keep track of who has joined your server – you can see which members have been active recently and mark them as followers or friends accordingly!

Most of the Discord servers, especially the new ones, are always having campaigns to make their Discord community larger and hosting an invite contest is one of them. By tracking the invites from the generated invite link of a user, they will know how many users that certain member invited.


How To Make an Instant Discord Invite Link

There are two ways on creating a invite link on Discord: one is to generate a new invite link with the settings that you set and the other one is the invite link for the whole server that may contain its name on the link and will surely be one of a kind invite link which is called a Custom Invite Link, which will be on another article.

On this article, we will tackle on how a user can create an invite link. Here's a detailed step by step guide on how to generate your invite link that you can share with your friends.


Step 1. Open your Discord Application

Open your Discord application on your browser or Discord desktop app, both offers the same way to create a custom invite link.


Step 2. Enter the Server

Enter the server that you want to invite someone in. Any member of the community can generate their own invite link to send to their friends. For this article, we will be using our test server, GoLinuxCloud Test Server.


Step 3. Click on the Server's Name

Click on the Server's Name to see all the available menu that will be on the drop down.

How To Generate Discord Invite Links? [SOLVED]


Step 4. Go to Invite People

Click on "Invite People", this will redirect you to the invite link and the list of friends that you can invite to the server.

How To Generate Discord Invite Links? [SOLVED]


Step 5. Invite Friends

After seeing the invite link, you can just copy the link and send it to your friends. You can also click on Invite to directly send them an invite link to their direct messages.

How To Generate Discord Invite Links? [SOLVED]

Note: This link will be exclusive to your name as you generated this. All the invites from this link will be listed on the User Invites tab that only Administrators of the server can see.


Edit your Discord Invite Link

If you're using the invite link for a long period of time, using it for an invite contest, or whatever reason that you need the invite link to be valid for a long period of time, you should edit your link to last. Here's how to do it.


Step 1. Edit Invite Link

After clicking on Invite People, you will be able to see your friends on Discord and "Invite" them. Look at the bottom part of the screen and you will see that the default time of the invite link is 7 days. You can edit this by clicking on "Edit Invite Link"

How to Invite Someone to a Discord Server [SOLVED]


Step 2. Expire After

You will then be asked how long do you want the invite link to expire. You will be given a drop down from 30 minutes to Never, meaning, the invite link that you will generate would never expire.

How to Invite Someone to a Discord Server [SOLVED]


Step 3. Max Number of Uses

Then after selecting the time limit, you will need to set up the max number of uses. You will have the option from 100 uses to No Limit, meaning that your invite link will not expire and will not have a limit on uses.How to Invite Someone to a Discord Server [SOLVED]

Step 4. Generate a New Link

After selecting both the limits, you can now generate a new link by clicking on "Generate a New Link"

Note: You can opt to grant temporary membership for new members. Temporary members are automatically kicked when they disconnect unless a role has been assigned. This only works if you have a verification system that would give them roles. This is for the secutiry of the server.

How to Invite Someone to a Discord Server [SOLVED]


Step 5. New Link

You will now see that you have created a new link with the settings that you chose. For this instance, I have chose to not have a limit on my link so it will never expire.

How to Invite Someone to a Discord Server [SOLVED]



If you want to grow your Discord server, one of the best ways to do so is by using a custom invite link. This will allow you to track how many people are joining your server and also give you a way to promote your server to potential new members. Whether you're looking for a quick way to increase participation on your Discord server or want to make sure everyone who joins knows exactly what they're getting themselves into, custom invite links are an ideal solution. To get started, simply go to your server settings and click on the Invite tab. From there, you can copy your custom invite link and start promoting your Discord server today!


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