Using less than or equal to in JavaScript [SOLVED]



JavaScript has a variety of operators that can be used to perform operations on variables and values. The most common operators are arithmetic operators, which are used to perform mathematical operations on numbers. Other operators include the assignment operator, which assigns a value to a variable, and the comparison operator, which compares two values.

One of the different comparison operators is the less than equal to operator (>=) operator. In this article, we will discuss how to use the less than or equal to operator in JavaScript


The less than or equal to operator in JavaScript

The less than or equal to operator (<=) compares the values of two operands and returns true if the first operand is less than or equal to the second operand. Otherwise, it returns false.

Comparison operators including less than or equal to operators can be used to compare numbers, strings, or even objects.

Let’s illustrate the behavior of the operator using different examples.


String Comparison

For string comparison, the alphabet characters from A to Z occurs in ascending order, and so Z is greater than A. In the example below, the "Big" is less than "Cat" and vice versa.

console.log("Big" <= "Cat");
console.log("Cat" <= "Big");




Number Comparison

The typical numerical order applies with the less than or equal to operator.

console.log(5 <= 3);
console.log(3 <= 5);




String and Number Comparison

In cases where we are comparing strings and numbers using the less than or equal to operator, type coercion is triggered on the string, and so if the string contains numbers, number comparisons are executed.

console.log("3" <= 5);
console.log(5 <= "3");
console.log("Java" <= 4);





In summary, the less than or equal operator can be used on numbers and strings to find which values are lesser or equal.



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