How to take screenshot in Ubuntu? [SOLVED]

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Taking screenshots is a feature that the end user needs in every operating system. They probably started offering the take a screenshot feature after the OS got the GUI. In this article, we will talk about "How to take a screenshot in Ubuntu".

In Linux distributions, each desktop environment (XFCE, Gnome, KDE, etc.) has its own screenshot application. It comes preinstalled with the Linux distribution you are using. Alternatively, you can use multiple take screenshots applications. Although each application basically does the same job, it offers different features. Let's first understand the application that comes installed on Ubuntu for you, then let's install an alternative application on Ubuntu.


Method-1: Use Default Screenshot Application

When the Print Screen button is pressed in Ubuntu, the screen capture application becomes active.

take screenshot in Ubuntu

Screenshots can be taken with 3 different options:

  • Selection: The area determined by the user with the mouse is saved as a screenshot.
  • Screen: The entire screen is saved as a screenshot.
  • Window: Each application opens a window on the screen. One of the active windows open on the screen is selected by the user. This way the window is saved as a screenshot.

The captured screenshot is saved under the user's Pictures directory. You can use the screenshot taken by accessing this directory for different purposes.

How to take screenshot in Ubuntu? [SOLVED]

If you want to take the screenshot with the keyboard, you can use the following shortcuts:

  • Q: Select the area
  • C: Capture screen
  • W: Capture window
  • P: Toggle between show and hide pointer
  • V: Switch between screenshot and screen recording
  • Enter: Capture is also activated with Space or Ctrl+C.


Method-2: Use Alternative Screenshot Application

As we mentioned above, there are alternatives for taking screenshots in Ubuntu. In this step, we will explain the Shutter application for you.

Run the following command to install Shutter:

foc@ubuntu22desktop:~$ sudo apt install shutter -y

Called from the menu after installation. Click the Desktop icon:

How to take screenshot in Ubuntu? [SOLVED]

A screenshot of the entire screen is taken.

Other features of the shutter can be used by clicking the Options tab.

How to take screenshot in Ubuntu? [SOLVED]

Here are the features you can use when taking screenshots with Shutter:

How to take screenshot in Ubuntu? [SOLVED]

A sample of the screenshot taken as a result of the selection made on the screen above is shown to the user.

How to take screenshot in Ubuntu? [SOLVED]

Since Shutter is not an application that comes with Ubuntu, the screenshots taken are placed in the Pictures directory.

How to take screenshot in Ubuntu? [SOLVED]



There is a screenshot application on Ubuntu but you have more than one alternative in Linux. As an example, we talked about shutter, which is a different screen capture application. For more applications and more information, you can check our "5+ Linux Screenshot Tools with Examples [GUI and CLI]" article. You can use the applications mentioned in this article by installing them on Ubuntu.


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